Hot Air Balloons Experiences in Myanmar

Hot Air Balloons experience in Myanmar is one of the most popular exercises in Tourism Industry in Myanmar especially in Bagan and in Inle Lake.

In Bagan, the sunrise ballooning is one of the most excitement experience for the visitors. As Bagan has many ancient pagodas, ballooning along with the sun rise will surely give you a deep breathing moment by viewing all the pagodas from above along with the sunrise. Even it is a short experience with only one hours journey, but it is a worthy one with the view of temples are cool enough from the ground but don’t compare to the views above.

Beside to Bagan, sunrise ballooning in Inle Lake is another one of the most worthy experience in Myanmar. Overview the lake from above with its surrounding mountains which is the panoramic view. All the green mountains by the lake and floating villages will offer you a worthy experience.

There are three major ballooning in Myanmar where all the pilots are well experiences with more than 20 years of ballooning. The ballooning are-


1. Balloon Over Bagan

BOB was launch in 1999and have never recorded any accident or incident however minor. The pilots and technicians are European Nationals qualified and Registered in UK. BOB only fly when there are light surface winds less than 8 knots. The balloons are built to the highest standards of the British aerospace industry by Cameron Balloons Ltd and Lindstrand Balloons. The crews are trained to the highest international standards for the past 15 years and have all been trained in first aid by UK public Transport Inspectors.
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2.Oriental Ballooning

Oriental Ballooning was founded in 2013. All pilots have a commercial UK balloon licensed and many years of flying experience. Some of the pilots have lived and worked in Burma for many years and are happy to share their insight knowledge with you during the flight.
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